Sketchbook: Voden

A quick facial expression sketch of one of my most played champions from a game called Gigantic from Motiga Games. Voden was one of the champions Vinod Rams created concept art for the game. He’s a pretty cool dude and his work can be found at

Voden & Gigantic are copyrighted by Motiga Games, this is fan art of a game that will be sorely missed by many.

Barren Dragon

While it isn’t unheard of to find dragons that lack scales, dragons from The Barrens are certainly an oddity. These dragons at first appear diseased with bare hide starting from the base of the tail to the tip, along with their membranous wings. However, the lack of fur in those areas helps with managing body temperature.

Barren Dragons also have a improved dexterity in their hands with help of a thumb and decent flexibility in the wrists, but their dexterity is limited due to having meaty, stubby digits that appear more like paws instead. However, be wary of their claws! The added dexterity makes shredding and holding down prey easier.

Progression Update – September 2018

Just an update of a few things that were or are in the pipeline from this month and into October.

Currently in the pipeline; a beckoning dragon of the east. Nobody knows what she wants though. Currently needs edits to proportions of digits (looking a bit ‘fat-fingered’) and other body parts. Also need to explore different anatomical options.


A cool idea, but dumped for now. Not really digging the composition or the posing (too static, but maybe a good ‘hero shot’ if it had armor or more dramatic lighting).


Have a fun October!